Interior Plantscaping

Most homes and businesses these days are discovering the fine benefits of having house plants as a normal part of interior decor.  Not only do plants provide a softer, more inviting atmosphere, but some plants actually clean the air of smoke and pollutants.

People respond favorably to a gracious atmosphere. First impressions are very important. We would like to help you create that valuable first impression by enhancing an environment that brings people and plants together.

Our company provides proper planning, layout and design which ensures desired results.  We also provide proper plant selection, taking into consideration the lighting, temperature, humidity, traffic, environment and other critical factors.

Our monthly maintenance program includes weekly or bi-monthly inspections, proper watering and fertilization, plant cleaning and pruning, disease and insect control.

We offer sales of plant specimens and accessories and offer responsibility of existing plant stock. We guarantee all installations with our monthly maintenance program.

Plants and Flowers Ltd. would enjoy speaking with you in person, so please feel free to call us! All consultations are free of charge.